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Seasonal Fallow Mask


A binary determination of cultivable cropland that is not seeded (for harvestable crop or seasonal cover crop) for at least one or more cropping cycle(s) in a year. If left uncultivated for more than 1 cultivable cycle, it is eliminated from the Agriculture Mask.


GEOGLAM Agriculture Indicator Category
Agricultural Land Includes or is Indicated by

Agriculture Mask

Within Season Requirements:
Application or Policy Supported Related Variables Frequency of Update Spatial Unit

Policy areas supported include:

  1. Farm support programs
  2. Changes in the agricultural landscape
  3. Land degradation / soil restoration
  4. Eco-system services and biodiversity
  5. Climate Change (LULUCF sector)
  6. SDG 15.3, 2.4

Seasonally monitored as input to an annual product update

Field Scale