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Essential Agriculture Variables & Agricultural Indicators

    Essential Agricultural Variables for GEOGLAM are Earth observation-based “building blocks” that in combination with one another or with other non-EO information provide insight into the “GEOGLAM Agricultural Indicators” – which themselves provide actionable information on the state, change, and forecast of agricultural land use and productivity (Figure 1). GEOGLAM covers land devoted to agriculture, which is defined as the systematic and controlled use of land and livestock to produce food, fiber, and fuel. This includes croplands, rangelands, and short-term fallow lands.

    The EAVs can be measured or inferred from satellite data, and are supported through field data for calibration and validation. They support the core work of GEOGLAM and its constituent communities, including supporting national and global policy frameworks (e.g. G20 Action Plan and UN Sustainable Development Goals).
EAV Mapping