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EAV Product Priorities & Status Updates

What’s Next for EAVs?


The EAV WG agreed we should provide “best practices” documentation, validation protocols, and even GEOGLAM Standard EAV Products, for certain high priority variables. 

  • This process is underway, stay tuned.

The EAV WG is working on a transparent process for identifying and “endorsing” products generated by the broader Agricultural Monitoring Community of Practice as compliant with EAV definitions.

  • At present, the transparent requirements and endorsement process is being formalized. Please check back on this website for more information.

Here are basic guidelines In order for a product to be considered GEOGLAM EAV Compliant: 

  • The product must meet the definition for the specified EAV, including any stated minimum accuracy requirement, “product generation notes”.
  • The product must be generated at a minimum of national-scale.
  • The product must quantify its uncertainty.  
  • The product must be freely and publicly available.
  • The product must have documentation in the form of a peer-reviewed paper.


Priorities for Research

In early 2019, GEOGLAM partners drafted a “A Community Research and Development Agenda for GEOGLAM: operational Research and Development, ” that identified a set of variables that contribute to a standard set of assessments associated with agricultural production forecasting. This work fed into the EAV drafting process.
As of May 2022, as the first version of the EAVs are released, it remains for the GEOGLAM community to come together once again to revise our Community R&D agenda based on the EAVs and the evolution of remote sensing science and applications for agriculture that occurred in the last 3 years.


Priorities for Capacity Development, Product Development, and Calibration/Validation Protocol Development 

The EAVs were always intended to flow into research priorities, capacity development priorities, product priorities and the related Cal/Val requirements to provide adequate uncertainty and error quantification for GEOGLAM EAV products. As of May 2022, this is in progress and will be updated at a later date.