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Reference Crop Calendars


Identification of the typical or usual planting and harvesting dates or windows per crop per region. 

GEOGLAM Agriculture Indicator Category
Agricultural Land Includes or is Indicated by

For Global Analyses, the target is the same crops covered by the GEOGLAM Crop Monitor for AMIS and Crop Monitor for Early Warning.

For National Analyses, the target is each nationally relevant crop type, accounting for ~80% of total area under production.

Within Season Requirements:
Application or Policy Supported Related Variables Frequency of Update Spatial Unit

Production Outlooks; Crop status anomaly detection, both spatial and temporal; Crop growth simulation modelling; Identifying agriculture practices; UNFCCC; GHG emission monitoring; Disaster risk assessment

Every 5 years unless major events have driven a change in practices or crop utilization in an area.

As stand-alone output, subnational admin unit.

Rasterized for inputs to analysis (for colocation with other data).