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Managed Grasslands Mask


A binary map of land seasonally or annually sown with grasses or herbaceous forage for grazing and/or mowing. If there is no sowing or harvesting for more than one year, then the lands are considered rangelands.

GEOGLAM Agriculture Indicator Category
Agricultural Land Includes or is Indicated by

Managed Grasslands

Within Season Requirements:
Application or Policy Supported Related Variables Frequency of Update Spatial Unit

Policy areas supported include: Land cover/use state & change; SDG 2; UNFCCC

  1. Greenhouse gas reporting
  2. Farm support programs
  3. Information for commodity markets
  4. Early warning for food security
  5. Changes in the agricultural landscape
  6. Land degradation

Annual updates, taking into account growing seasons. Updates occur at the end of the major growing season, so that changes can be detected over multiple growing seasons)

Field Scale