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Cropland Mask


A binary map of land devoted to agriculture for the cultivation of perennial crops, non-perennial crops, and managed grasslands. It does not include lands indicated by Rangelands or Seasonal Fallow masks.

GEOGLAM Agriculture Indicator Category
Agricultural Land Includes or is Indicated by

Non-Perennial Cropland Mask and Perennial Cropland Mask

Within Season Requirements:
Application or Policy Supported Related Variables Frequency of Update Spatial Unit

Policy areas supported include: Land cover/use state & change; SDG 2; UNFCCC

  1. Greenhouse gas reporting
  2. Farm support programs
  3. Information for commodity markets
  4. Early warning for food security
  5. Changes in the agricultural landscape
  6. Land degradation

Annual Update

Standard products at 1 Ha resolution, based on generalization of mapping categories generated at lower levels of the hierarchy developed at higher or similar resolutions