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Crop Type Masks


A spatially-explicit determination of identified types of non-perennial crops, types of perennial crops, managed grasslands, and/or of mixed-crop mosaics, as identified within the Cropland Mask. Types can be grouped into categories and/or hierarchies (for example, aggregation levels following JECAM description). Where categorical or hierarchical classification systems are in use, product should include documentation and definitions.

GEOGLAM Agriculture Indicator Category
Agricultural Land Includes or is Indicated by

Includes non-perennial and perennial crop types, as well as managed grasslands and mosaics (defined as mixed cropping including agroforestry mosaics), where the type is declared. The map shall follow a common hierarchical typology with common aggregation levels, as proposed by JECAM.  GEOGLAM prioritizes that crop type masks should be created for the crops that account for at least 80% of total area under production.

Within Season Requirements:
Application or Policy Supported Related Variables Frequency of Update Spatial Unit

Policy areas supported include: Land cover/use state & change; SDG 2; UNFCCC

  1. Greenhouse gas reporting
  2. Farm support programs
  3. Information for commodity markets
  4. Early warning for food security
  5. Changes in the agricultural landscape
  6. Land degradation

Per growing season for non-perennial crops; annual for managed grasslands and perennial crops. Mosaics either per growing season and annual, as appropriate for mosaic constituents.

Field Scale